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Title and Author




A Century of Responsible Government in Tasmania 1856-1956:

F C Green

B5 hardback 320 pages

Tasmanian Government Printer 1956


A Plea for Pure Democracy - Mr Hare’s Reform Bill applied to South Australia: Catherine Spence 1861



Australian Electoral Reform and Two Concepts of Representation:

Iain McLean, Paper for APSA Jubilee Conference, Canberra, October 2002



Anglican Diocese of Melbourne’s Regulation of Elections Act 1980, which prescribes quota-preferential proportional representation for elections by Synod

20-page A5 booklet 1992


Booklet ACT Electoral Commission sent all ACT electors at the 1992 plebiscite to choose between a Hare-Clark system and 17 single-member electorates



Booklet ACT Electoral Commission sent all ACT electors at the 1995 referendum on proposed entrenchment of the Hare-Clark proportional representation system



Constitution Commission, Victoria, 2002 Final Report



Democratic Representation under the Hare-Clark System - The Need for Seven-member Electorates: Dr George Howatt, University of Tasmania

 30-page Foolscap booklet

Tasmanian Government Printer 1958

 Droop quota or Hare quota: Why Droop quota has superseded Hare quota.





E J Nanson, Social choice and electoral reform
Iain McLean, 1996


Elections - Full, Free and Fair:

Professor Marian Sawyer, Australian National University


Electoral Reform:

An Exposition of the Theory and Practice of Proportional Representation

Professor Edward Nanson, University of Melbourne 1875-1922




Everybody Counts - The Hare-Clark Electoral System:

Hon. Neil Robson

A5  paperback 17 pages

















Hare-Clark in Tasmania - Representation of All Opinions:

Terry Newman, Parliamentary Librarian, Tasmania

B5 paperback 319 pages

Tasmanian Govt. Printing Office 1992

ISBN 0 7246 3876 8

 Hare quota or Droop quota: Why Droop quota has superseded Hare quota.


History of the Proportional Representation Society of Australia & Its Branches

HTM file totalling some 60 pages





Inglis Clark's other contribution: A critical analysis of the Hare-Clark voting system:
Scott Bennett, Proc. The Samuel Griffith Society, Ch. 5, Vol. 23, Hobart, 2011

 PDF file of 13 pages





Joint Select Committee on Electoral Reform: First Report, 1983



Joint Select Committee on Electoral Reform: Second Report, 1984









Local Government Board of Review, Victoria, 1978: PRSAV Submission

Foolscap 22 pages PRSAV
October 1978





Mirror of the Nation’s Mind – Australia’s Electoral Experiments:


A5 paperback 160 pages 

Hale & Iremonger, Sydney 1980








1902 and the Origins of Preferential Electoral Systems in Australia:

David Farrell and Ian McAllister

Australian Journal of Politics and History   Vol 51 No 2, 2005





 On Methods of Electing Representatives:
 Henry R Droop

 Journal of the Statistical Society of London
 Vol. 44 No. 2 (June 1881)





Preferential Voting in Australia:
David Farrell and Ian McAllister



Proportional Representation:

Clarence Hoag and Dr George Hallett

A5 hardback 546 pages 

The Macmillan Co. New York 1926


Proportional Representation - A Study in Methods of Election:
John B Humphreys 1911, Hon. Secretary, Proportional Representation Society, UK

223 pages free online


Proportional Representation Manual:

Proportional Representation Society of Australia

 B5 paperback 15 pages

1977 (revised) ISBN 0 9599728 2 X


Proposals for change to our electoral system
NSW Senator Arthur Gietzelt
ALP Spokesperson on Administrative Services and Home Affairs

A4 booklet 94 pages
July 1981



Quota Notes, the former newsletter of the PRSA






Real Choices/New Voices - The Case for Proportional Representation in the United States: Professor Douglas Amy

B5 hardback 278 pages

Columbia University Press New York 1993


Reports on each of Tasmania’s House of Assembly elections since 1909:

Tasmanian Electoral Commission website













The Annotated Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth

John Quick and Robert Garran 1901 - Extracts therefrom

B5  hardback 1,008 pages

1901 edition reprinted by Legal Books Sydney 1976

 The Australian Electoral System - Origins, Variations and Consequences
David Farrell and Ian McAllister
179 pages © 2006 University of New South Wales Press Ltd.
ISBN 0 86840 858 1

The Government of New South Wales
Robert Stewart Parker
462 pages © 1978 University of Queensland Press
ISBN 0 7022 1139 7


The King and His Dominion Governors

Dr Herbert Vere Evatt

150 x 225 mm hardback 324 pages

F W  Cheshire Pty Ltd Melbourne

1st edition 1936 2nd edition 1967


The 1983 Change in Surplus Vote Transfer Procedures for the Australian Senate and its Consequences for the Single Transferable Vote:

David Farrell and Ian McAllister

Australian Journal of Politics and History   Vol 38 No 3, 2003


The Principles of Parliamentary Democracy
Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) 1884









 "Voting Matters" is a UK website of the McDougall Trust that lists electoral publications.


















Your vote - effective or wasted? See also “Thomas Hill”.

Proportional Representation Society of Australia

115 x 170 mm paper booklet 16 pages

4th edition 1980 ISBN 0 9598728 2 5