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PRSA National Officers Election Page

In accordance with Sections 11 and 12 of the PRSA National Constitution, and PRSA Regulation No. 2, 'Election of PRSA National Officers', the Returning Officer, Mr Martin Dunn, of the PRSA(ACT), at nretoff@prsa.org.au, has called in writing for nominations of PRSA members for election - by a postal ballot of all PRSA members - to each of the four offices below for the term from 01 January 2018 to
31 December 2019.

Nominations needed be dated; signed by the candidate only, as consent to nomination; and received by the Returning Officer by Tuesday, 24 October 2017.
The names of the candidates that have nominated by that date are shown below.


Candidates for PRSA National Offices 2018-19
Vice-President Secretary
Jeremy Lawrence
John Pyke
Stephen Morey Bruce Errol

A separate election by secret optional preferential ballot will not be required to be held for each of those offices, as each candidate has now been elected unopposed. The four officers are elected separately, and not as a group, as Section 11 states that any committee formed by the officers shall have no powers or standing in the affairs of the Society.

The list of existing and all past PRSA National Officers is here. For details of the election for a particular two-year term, click on the relevant hyperlink in the column headed, 'TERM', on that web page.

       To see a signed PDF version of PRSA Regulation No. 2, for printing, click here.