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2012 News



2012-11 PRSAV-T Inc. submission on Government changes proposed for local government in Tasmania

Timely article on US experiments in election technology by Dr Vanessa Teague of the University of Melbourne. See also "Electronic Voting" on Wikipedia.

2012-09 Free Seminar for candidates and supporters on Election Campaigning in Multi-councillor Wards in Victoria's 2012 Council   Polls - 19 September 2012 at 8 p.m. - email info@prsa.org.au or telephone 04291 76725 for details of the Melbourne venue.


PRSA submission to federal Joint Select Committee on Electoral Matters putting the case for constructive reforms such as optional preferential voting for below-the-line Senate voters, rather than restrictive measures like larger deposits
2012-05 Maurie Fabrikant, PRSAV-T Inc. Treasurer 2004-11, who was also an Accredited PR Vote-counting Officer, died on 2012-05-16, and is sadly missed.


Australia’s last provision for use of the undemocratic multiple majority-preferential electoral system, which was replaced for Senate elections in 1948, was removed when the NSW Local Government Amendment Act 2012 received Royal Assent on 2012-04-04.


Future elections in two-councillor Council wards will now be counted by the quota-preferential system of proportional representation, which is the counting system used for most NSW municipalities.

2012-01 Full details of countback elections to fill municipal casual vacancies in Victoriia pleasingly began to appear on the VEC website for the first countback for a Melbourne City Council seat, which was conducted on 2011-07-19. Since then at least two more, for Benalla Rural City Council and Moreland City Council, have appeared with distribution sheets available.

The Tasmanian Electoral Commission has a more accessible arrangement, with a hyperlink for all countbacks, but it is now confusingly calling them "recounts" although the distinctive term "countback", which refers to a recount of ballots for the specific purpose of filling casual vacancies, originated in Tasmania.



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