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Meek System of Single Transferable Vote (STV) Counting


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1. Dr Brian Meek’s paper on Meek STV: March1994


2. The Meek Algorithm 123 and a 2009 Description by the late Dr David Hill

3. List of references to the Meek system


4. Description by the late Lord Kitchener (the third Earl Kitchener of Khartoum): 04 May 2009


5. Wikipedia description of Meek STV

6. Documents from Stephen Todd, a New Zealand STV advocate, on Meek

  7. New Zealand Local Electoral Regulations 2001 Schedule 1A

New Zealand method of counting single transferable votes”

 8. Background to the introduction of Meek STV for New Zealand municipal elections.

9. The PRSA received a compliment in 2017 from Canada's vote-counting site at Electionbuddy
indicating its appreciation of this PRSA web page.


10. Resolution of the PRSAV-T Inc. Council in April 2010:


Resolved (1004D) that the PRSAV-T Inc Council recognizes the superior principles of the

 “Meek” method of counting votes in quota-preferential proportional representation elections and

endorses its use – as an alternative to manual or computer counting by the PRSA Manual’s last

parcel system – in situations where the PRSA or PRSAV-T Inc deems that the written rules, the

expertise of those conducting the count, the communication of the method to the electors and

candidates, and the reliance on computerised counting are not problematic.



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