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Talks by election commentators to PRSAV-T Inc. members

* 2014 talk by Malcolm Mackerras AO on "Changes needed to the Senate electoral system". 
Hear the first 7 minutes of the talk here. Malcolm Mackerras put the case for partial optional preferential voting, and pointed out that an exclusionary threshold for election based on first preference votes - which some commentators are seeking - would not comply with the direct election provision of Section 7 of the Constitution.

* 2011 talk by Antony Green to the Annual General Meeting on his experience in the United Kingdom during its 2011 referendum on changing its electoral system from its plurality system to the "alternative vote", a preferential system with fully optional preferential voting, and his expectations about the 2011 New Zealand plebiscite on changing from its MMP system. Hear the 60-minute talk here.

* 2009 AGM talk by Malcolm Mackerras AO on:
  • The important difference between the quite different proportional representation systems in Australia and New Zealand, and why New Zealand's Mixed Member Proportional system is markedly inferior. Hear the 32-minute talk here.

  • New Zealand's plebiscite on replacing its MMP with either the old plurality system or with MMM. Hear the 27-minute talk here.