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Click on the 2016 Greens how-to-vote card below for a zoomable picture of it, for finer detail.

The card below, which was handed out near a Melbourne polling booth, names no candidate for election as a senator for Victoria. It pictures the Greens' leader, Senator Richard Di Natale, but does not indicate that he is a Senate candidate for Victoria. Given the Constitution's requirement for the direct election of senators, it is surprising that the Greens did not tell voters in Melbourne the names of its Senate candidates.

The Greens' 2016 how-to-vote cards risk giving the impression that its Senate candidates are not worth naming. Unlike the Greens' good cards at the 2010 election, the card ignores - and thus potentially offends - intending below-the-line voters. No reason, or apology, is given for offending those voters, whose votes could have helped the Greens. The Greens won fewer Senate places in 2016 than they had held earlier.