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Casual vacancies setback for Senate positions following approval of the regressive Constitution Alteration (Senate Casual Vacancies) 1977


Constitution Alteration blunder forestalled by PRSA after being alerted by a PRSA member


Constitutional Convention election in 1997 used proportional representation.


Commonwealth Electoral Bill 1948, which substituted proportional representation using the single transferable vote (PR-STV) for the previous multiple majority-preferential Senate system




Division by the Senate into two classes of long-term and short-term senators after a dissolution of the Senate




Forestalling a 1988 Constitution Alteration blunder


Formation of the Proportional Representation Society of Australia


Former two winner-take-all Senate systems (1902-19 & 1919-48) and PR-STV (1948 -)


Full marking of preferences imposition




Gardiner, Senator Hon. Albert: The only ALP senator from 1920 to 1923, with the other 35 senators all being Nationalist senators


Gregory Fractional Transfer variant replaces Random Selection Transfer, and PRSA call for Weighted Inclusive Gregory Fractional Transfer.


Group Voting Tickets, which were in force from 1983 until March 2016, badly distorted Senate PR




INTRODUCTION to Commonwealth of Australia history section




Odd number of senators to elect for a State is far preferable to having that number as an even number.


Optional marking of preferences may be partial or fully optional, with full mandatory marking of all preferences being the far less desirable alternative.




Plumping at multiple first-past-the-post polls where it was not mandatory to mark as many crosses as there were positions to be filled


Proportional Representation Society of Great Britain and Ireland, since renamed Electoral Reform Society


Proportional Representation Society of Victoria, which became the Victorian Branch of the Proportional Representation Society of Australia in 1982, and Proportional Representation Society of Australia (Victoria-Tasmania) Inc. in 2006.




Quota-preferential proportional representation (PR-STV) for the House of Representatives




Randomization of order of candidates’ names on Commonwealth ballot-papers improved by law at suggestion of a PRSA member


Representation and Institutional Change Conference, marking the 50th Anniversary of PR-STV for the Senate, was attended by PRSA representatives.




“Threshold” idea to arbitrarily prevent transfers to candidates whose parties’ first preference vote is below an “exclusionary threshold”, a faulty concept promoted by NSW Senator Helen Coonan, for which fortunately she gained little support



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