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31st July 2010


Notice of 65th Annual General Meeting & Guest Talk


Members are cordially invited to the 65th Annual General Meeting of Proportional Representation Society of Australia (Victoria-Tasmania) Inc. at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday 22nd September 2010 on the First Floor of 27 Hardware Lane, Melbourne (Melway 1AJ5), between Elizabeth and Queen Streets, and Bourke and Little Bourke Streets on the west side. The meeting will be followed at 8 p.m. by an address, as below, by the Treasurer of Victoria and Member for Southern Metropolitan Region, Mr John Lenders MLC.


Dr Stephen Morey

Secretary, PRSAV-T Inc.



1.                  Apologies, Confirmation of Minutes of the 64th Annual General Meeting, on 16th September 2009


2.                  Reports by PRSAV-T Inc. President and Treasurer


3.                  Announcement of Election by Postal Ballot of PRSAV-T Inc. Council for 2010-2011


4.                  Motion recommended by PRSAV-T Inc. Council: “That Mr John Lenders MLC be admitted as an Honorary Life Member of PRSAV-T Inc. in accordance with Rule 5(d) of the Constitution.”



John Lenders MLC, who is Treasurer of the State of Victoria, and a Member of the Legislative Council for Southern Metropolitan Region, has rendered distinguished services towards the purposes of PRSAV-T Inc. as a long term advocate of the use of a quota-preferential proportional representation system for the election of members of Victoria's Legislative Council to replace the winner-take-all systems that had been used for the election of its members since 1856.


He is the Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council who introduced into that Council, where only a minority of its members now belong to the Government Party, the 2003 Bill that successfully amended Victoria's Constitution Act 1975 to entrench in it, importantly, key aspects of the new multi-member electoral districts by means of a requirement for approval at a referendum before future changes can occur, and also amended the Electoral Act 2002 to provide for quota-preferential proportional representation, with the partial optional preferential below-the-line voting prescribed being far more acceptable to voters than the mandatory full preferential below-the-line voting mandated for Upper House elections elsewhere in Australia


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GUEST SPEAKER: Mr John Lenders MLC will speak on instituting PR for Victoria’s Upper House elections.