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18th July 2008


Notice of 63rd Annual General Meeting & Guest Lecture


Members are cordially invited to the 63rd Annual General Meeting of Proportional Representation Society of Australia (Victoria-Tasmania) Inc. The meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday 18th September 2008 in the Meeting Room on the First Floor of 27 Hardware Lane, Melbourne (Melway 1AJ7), which is between Elizabeth and Queen Streets. The building is between Bourke and Little Bourke Streets on the west side. The meeting will be followed at 8 p.m. by a Guest Lecture by Hon. Neil Robson AM as below.


Stephen Morey

Secretary, PRSAV-T Inc.



1.                  Apologies, Confirmation of Minutes of the 62nd Annual General Meeting, on 12th September 2007


2.                  Reports by PRSAV-T Inc. President and Treasurer


3.                  Announcement of Election by Postal Ballot of PRSAV-T Inc. Council for 2008-2009


4.                 Motion recommended by PRSAV-T Inc. Council: “That Hon. Neil Robson AM be admitted as an Honorary Life Member of PRSAV-T Inc. in accordance with Rule 5(d) of the Constitution.”


CITATION: “Hon. Neil Robson AM has rendered distinguished services towards the purposes of PRSAV-T Inc. as the successful proponent of the Robson Rotation system used to achieve a fair and impartial method of listing candidates on ballot-papers used in elections with preferential voting, it having been adopted in Tasmania, for both Houses, by a Private Members Bill he introduced.”





Hon. Neil Robson AM, a member of PRSAV-T Inc, will address members, and invited guests, on:

“The need for Robson Rotation in Tasmanian parliamentary and municipal elections, how that need came to be provided for, how it has operated there since it was introduced, and implications for other places.”