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13th March 1990



Proportional Representation Society of Australia


Notice of Annual General Meeting & Making of PRSAV Regulation No. 1

Members are cordially invited to the 45th Annual General Meeting of the Victorian Branch of the Proportional Representation Society of Australia, which will be held at 8:00 P.M. on Monday 9th April 1990 at the Anglican Church Hall, on the western corner of North and Wheatley Roads, Ormond (Melway Ref. 68D8).

Notice is hereby given that the Council on 13th March 1990 made PRSAV Regulation No. 1 entitled "Prohibition of Donation of Monies to Political Parties".

The full text of Regulation No. 1 is "1. The Branch shall make no donations of monies to any political party or parties."

Andrew Gunter, Branch President



1. Apologies.

2. Confirmation of Minutes of 44th Annual General Meeting.

3. Branch President's Report.

4. Branch Treasurer's Report.


5. Guest Speaker:

Hon. Evan Walker MLC, Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council of Victoria, has been asked to speak on "The Government's Intentions on Further Action to Progress its Aim of Introducing Proportional Representation for the Legislative Council".

6. Motion to Alter the Branch Constitution:

The Council has placed the following motion on the agenda - "That Section 3 of the Constitution of the Proportional Representation Society of Australia  (Victorian Branch) be altered so that:

- "consist of (a)" replace "consist of",

- "year, (b) of" replace "year and of",

- "organisation, and (c) persons who have been appointed Honorary Life Members of the organisation by being nominated by the Council and appointed by a three quarters majority vote at an Annual General Meeting of the organisation, provided that a citation in support of the nomination has been placed on the agenda of that meeting, and that the number of Honorary Life Members in existence does not exceed five."

replace "organisation".

7. Nomination for Appointment as Honorary Life Member:

The Council has placed the following motion on the agenda - "That the nomination by the Council of Sir Ronald East for appointment as an Honorary Life Member of the Victorian Branch be noted and that he be so appointed."

The Council has supplied the following citation in support of its nomination:

"Sir Ronald East has been a long term member of the Proportional Representation Society of Australia (Victorian Branch) and an even longer term supporter of the cause. He was the mover of a motion at the 1931 Nationalist Party Conference in Ballarat that that Party adopt proportional representation as its policy for elections of Federal and State parliaments. Born in 1899, he has had a distinguished career in service to the Australian public, in the Australian Flying Corps 1918-19, and in the State Rivers and Water Supply Commission of Victoria beginning in 1922 and culminating in his reaching the position of Chairman of that Commission. He was knighted in 1966. An honorary Doctorate of Engineering was conferred on him in 1981."

8. Discussion of PRSA Policy on the "Above and Below the Line Senate Ballot-Paper Format".

9. Report by National President.

10. Announcement of Nominations for Postal Ballot for PRSAV Council 1990-91.

11. General Business.